CM Inc.’s Funding Management Plus is a web-based and integrated application that simplifies and streamlines the administration of the funds and grants process, through significant efficiencies in centralization of functions for funders and recipients. Integrated with standard Microsoft Office technology. Funding Plus provides tremendous value as it was designed by the funds, grants, and contributions Subject Matter Experts, and actual user and business input. The flexibility and architecture of the product lends itself to customization.

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  • •Funding and Grants Management
  • •User Management
  • •Investment Parameters
  • •Communication
  • •Compliance
  • •Reporting and Dashboards


Differentiator / Feature What it means
Design based on detailed requirements from funding requestors and providers. Most of the functionality you need is already in place, so you become productive sooner.
Latest Microsoft Technology – Cloud, Turnkey or Hybrid. It runs easily in the environment of your choice, with little or no additional investment required in infrastructure.
Direct access by funding receiver. Faster, simpler communication with no duplication of data, letters, emails.
Simple, powerful searching / reporting. Quarterly summaries and project-based reports at your fingertips, saving time, effort and money.
Handles non-discretionary, discretionary and ad-hoc disbursements. Regardless of the type of funding, the application will handle it.
Automatic generation of Funding/Acceptance Letters, with substantial modification / edit capabilities for users. Consistent, effective letter generation means elimination of errors, delays and frustration.
Appropriate for All Organizations
Administrator can change granting priorities annually or as required, depending on management requirements. Enables flexibility in determining which applicants get funds, allowing quick and easy way to stay in tune with corporate requirements.
Projects can be tracked year-over-year. Simplifies accounting, project management.
Projects and performance are monitored through consistent quarterly, annual and ad-hoc reports at the level of individual project, an organization, a district, or overall summary. No more guessing or working with incomplete or inaccurate results. Everyone works with the same figures.
Users can upload / download documents that associate with different business objects. No more time wasted in searching for or recreating documents, since they are all stored together.
Files / reports accessible to auditors. Provides a huge relief at audit time, with all figures clearly summarized and available in audit-friendly format.
Most of the functionality that users need is already in place, but the application was designed with easy custom-tailoring in mind. Users can become productive sooner, and are assured that should their requirements change, the application can grow with them.
Hierarchical user permissions. Considering that some of the data in the system can be very sensitive or private, this ensures that only the users with appropriate authority can view specific data.