Funding Plus provides funding organization a customizable, flexible, easy to use solution to start, manage, qualify, track, ensure compliance and report on funding process. The full circle or optional fast track process covers from start through review, scoring, selecting, ensuring compliance and reporting including:

  • •Collaboration
  • •Compliance Management
  • •Business Case
  • •Reporting For Grantmakers
  • •Grant Award Tracking
  • •Dashboards and reports


Funding Source’s full cycle:

Create Funding Source->Created Funding Letter->Receive Funding Letter

  1. Business Case
  2. Funding Request
  3. Project
  4. Funding Letter
  5. Monitoring

Discretionary Funding

Discrtionary Funding Process Flow

Non-Discretionary Funding

Non-Discretionary Funding Process Flow

Ad-Hoc Funding

Ad-Hoc Funding Process Flo