Who We Are

We are :

  • • Leaders in Data Analytics, quality Business Intelligence
  • • Preferred supplier for public and private sector organizations
  • • Partnership with leading ITC companies
  • • Recipient of multiple awards
  • • Top 250 ITC firms Branham Group
  • • Certified by Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council
  • • Security cleared by Federal and Provincial governments

Since 1987, CM Inc.’s mission has been to provide effective business solutions in a wide variety of business environments, helping major public and private sector organizations to become more productive and cost-effective. We have accomplished this by building an impressive resource base of talent, infrastructure, and tools at a competitive price which delivers extremely good value. CM Inc. has kept unwavering commitment for quality and excellence in service to every customer, on every assignment, every time. Our successful track record has made us a preferred supplier to several large corporations, medium and small enterprises, and public sector ministries and agencies.

CM Inc. has consistently been rated among the Top 250 tech companies according to the Branham Group. As members of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), Innovators Alliance of Ontario, York Technology Association and various consultant liaison programs for major suppliers of technology, products and services, we make organizations more effective. Our experienced professionals have been working with our clients in the areas of health care, banking, legislation, transportation, finance, social services, education/training, and general industry. We understand their business goals, objectives, processes, and technical environments in order to provide practical and impartial recommendations and solutions on the use of state-of-the-art Information Technology and business processes. We are on several Ontario Government VORs including Data Integration, Visualization and Analytics (DIVA), Task-Based, IT Management, General Management, Solution-Based, Learning and Training. With both legacy systems and BI product and services experience, CM Inc. has successfully delivered complex systems with systems integration and data migration requirements for over 30 years.

CM Inc. partners with leading firms that can help to better serve our Clients (Informatica, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, to name a few). Due to our collaborative approach with our clients and partners, we are able to provide optimal business solutions.

CM Inc. has a diversified client base in both the public and private sectors. Many of our clients currently have multiple ongoing projects involving Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products and services from CM Inc.

As a services organization, we help organizations to improve their performance in a cost-effective manner. We are knowledgeable of industry best practices and assist with knowledge and tools to provide advice and services from business analysis to solution implementation.

On the ITC side our System Integration group delivers solutions that integrate internal and external systems and applications on different platforms, and that guarantee data integrity, scalability and high performance.

We provide the expertise for developing strategies to implement big data (enterprise databases), data quality and integrity including analytics and business intelligence. As a Data Governance, Data Quality, and Data integration leader, CM Inc. has implemented many successful solutions with our partners. CM Inc. has subject matter experts and resources in Data Integrity, Data Quality, Master Data Management, SAS, SAP and more.

The security of data transmitted over internal and public networks is extremely important for any business. Processes and policies typically involve both physical and digital security measures to protect data from unauthorized access, use, replication or destruction. Our consultants are experienced in a complete range of security related services, such as: System Assessments, Proof-of-Concept, Security Technology, Virtual Private Networks etc.

Funds and Grants Management

We have developed software products that can be customized, and also provide enterprise products from our partners, including Informatica, Oracle and Microsoft. These products include major funds and grants systems for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, The Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, and for Toronto Central LHIN (now Ontario Health). We now offer Funding Management Plus as a Funding solution for government organizations.